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Our Review System

You’re probably wondering why we don’t have a review page on our Liverpool or Manchester Escorts site, we’ve been asked a few times and I thought it best to write a little blog to let you all know the reason why.

Quite simply as an agency we believe it can’t be trusted. For people who don’t know how websites work, every website has a back office where everything on the site can be edited, this includes reviews. Ever wonder why you never see a bad review on a escort agency website?

When a review is submitted to a website a notification is sent to the site manager who then has to approve the review. What agency owner or any web owner for that matter in their right mind is going to approve a bad review. What’s worse is on most websites you can even edit the review.

Here at Lily Maes, we use an independent review system. Adultwork. Many of you have probably heard of it and for those who haven’t or don’t know how their review system works let me explain. Alongside our website we also have a group page on adultwork where every single one of our ladies has their own fully verified profile. Each lady has a number next to their name. This number indicates how many reviews they have.

What makes adultwork reviews different to reviews on a website I hear you say. Adultwork reviews cannot be faked, you have to place a booking request that is then confirmed after you’ve seen the lady of your choice and only then can feedback be left. There is a rating system of negative, neutral and positive along with a section to be able to write a brief review. Once this review is submitted it can not be edited or removed. Even if it’s a negative review.

We believe that by using this review system it shows our reviews to be honest and accurate. It’s a trusted system. We haven’t wrote our own reviews, we haven’t edited them and we haven’t removed any negative ones because you can’t. What makes it better is we don’t have any negative reviews. Not a single one and we have over 200 reviews. Now if that doesn’t speak for itself then I don’t know what will.

Now while we appreciate that not everybody is able to create an adultwork account to be able to leave feedback, we feel this works best for us. You can always send myself or Katie a discreet text giving us a review and we can write it up in our monthly updates.

We’d like to take the time to thank all of our amazing and loyal clients who have left us reviews and see our ladies time and time again.

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